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Yoann FreeJay (Fréget) is a singer of extraordinary warmth, talent, grace and musical diversity. Whether singing Rhythm & Blues, Pop, or Gospel, he can be counted upon to deliver heart-wrenching performances, drawn from his exposure to all types of musical genres.

Yoann has been a dedicated full time singer since his early childhood. His musical journey began at the tender age of 15 when he discovered African-American gospel music. His fascination and devotion to this uniquely American art form marked the most influential aspect of his musical path. Soon after he began his musical journey, he joined a professional French choir, Gospelize It Mass Choir, directed by Emmanuel Djob - renowned Cameroonian gospel pioneer who had relocated to France. It was he who introduced the young Yoann to the roots of African-American culture, and exposed him to the inherent fight for freedom of expression that came with it. These expressions often found themselves in song, and unearthed the soul of the singer or listener. Several months later, Yoann became the youngest soloist in Djob's choir, touring with them for many concerts each year, and he also quickly became recognized as one of the most promising talents of the gospel scene in the south of France.




By the age of 18, Yoann began touring as lead singer for various popular gospel, soul, and rhythm & blues bands around France, such as BRBB  (Otis Redding Tribute Band), The Soul Travelers Gospel Quartet, Gospel Shakers and Gospel Jam. He also organized his own band at the time, and launched a fledgling career in music.

Later on, Yoann appeared as soloist in the most famous European gospel choir, Gospel Pour 100 Voix (French translation, choir of 100 singers). His talent was nurtured and enhanced through collaboration with excellent American gospel singers, such as Linda Lee Hopkins, Jean Carpenter, Francine Ealey Murphy, and Tori Robinson. While associated with Gospel Pour 100 Voix, he performed on some of the most prestigious stages in Europe, including all the Zéniths, Paris-Bercy Arena, and Brussel's Cirque Royal in Belgium.


In 2008 and at the age of 21, Yoann graduated as a Music Therapist from the University of Montpellier. While there, he worked extensively with children suffering from autism, and teenagers with stuttered speech syndrome (SSS). In the latter case, Yoann was teaching from experience, as he himself has been affected by severe stuttering disorder from the age of 3 to 19 years old. He totally overcame SSS through the practice of music and meditation. Music has helped to make him victorious over every obstacle. Every note that he sings, and every melody that he renders, is a testimony that people can be triumphant over tragedy. Indeed, Yoann has been triumphant! 

That same year, Yoann also started to conduct his own gospel choir, Le Choeur Enchante, and to give singing workshops all over Europe (England, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Austria, etc...).

THIS IS A MAN'S WORLD - "THE VOICE" 1st Live Show (2013)


In 2010, after a life-changing, five-month journey to India to learn the roots of Indian classical music, Yoann was invited for a three-month tour of Canada and USA. He performed in 50 concerts in various cities, from New York to Los Angeles. He inaugurated a personal performance style which featured concerts entirely a cappella, showcasing just the beauty and tenderness of his singular voice. This enabled him to present shows entirely based on the beauty and dynamics of his singing - the presence, the phrasing, the synergy and the musical interaction with his audiences. His performances were very well received, especially within the African-American community, where he felt even more at home with them than in his own country.

CALLING YOU - "THE VOICE" Semi-Finals (2013)



When he returned to France in 2011, Yoann won first place in France's largest soul music competition, The Sankofa Soul Contest, while singing two songs by one of his musical heroes, Stevie Wonder. Yoann's contest prize was to travel back to the US and have the great opportunity to perform, with Erykah Badu's musicians backing him up. This concert was specially tailored for him in Dallas, Texas. Yoann also used that great tour experience to travel to New Orleans, where he was invited by his friend and New Orleans native, Craig Adams, a popular American gospel organist and singer. Craig invited Yoann to sing with him in many venues in New Orleans, where Yoann was also able to absorb the music, the culture, and the soul of gospel music.

Yoann has also had the honor to perform as a background singer for outstanding artists such as Stevie Wonder (along with 10 of his gospel singers during his concerts in Monaco), Liz McComb, Nicole Slack Jones, Helen Carter, and Marianne Aya Omac.

AMAZING GRACE, Dallas (USA, 2011)


In 2013, Yoann won the world-famous TV show "THE VOICE" in France, a five-month nationally televised vocal competition. With an incredible rendition of "The Greatest Love of All", receiving a standing ovation from the studio audience at the middle of the song, Yoann was selected by all four judges to be part of their respective teams. The judges were astounded to discover such a singer in France.

With more than 7 million viewers each week - and 10 million during the final show - Yoann won over the hearts of millions of people. During his journey on "THE VOICE", he covered some of the greatest standards of vocal music, from pop ("Vole"/ Celine Dion) to soul ("Can You Feel It?"/Jackson Five) to gospel music ("Amazing Grace"). He did so with extraordinary vocal agility, dexterity, and an humble spirit that endeared him to audiences throughout Europe.

On the 6th January 2014, his first album with Universal Music France, "Quelques Heures Avec Moi", was released (to listen to Yoann's first album click on this link). This record emphasized great melodies with deep and yet accessible lyrics by famous writers like François Welgryn (Celine Dion, Garou, ...) and Jacques Veneruso (Celine Dion, Johny Hallyday, Tina Arena, ...), his amazing vocal abilities, and a great crossover of French pop and American soul music. One of the songs on the album was specially chosen as the worldwide soundtrack for the biggest movie of the year in France (36 million euros budget) "Beauty and The Beast", directed by Christophe Gans. This movie has garnered the number one movie spot in most countries where it has been aired.

Yoann also sang for the opening of major acts such as Will.I.Am's concert in Paris-Bercy Arena, singing songs from his first album as well as his amazing rendition of "Earth Song" (Michael Jackson) that the whole of France first re-discovered during "THE VOICE" Finals.

Presently, Yoann is living between New York City and Paris and he's preparing a highly-anticipated album in English, searching for the right record label to distribute it. He is working hard to find the assistance of the best musicians, writers, composers, and producers ever assembled for this project ; holding on to the goal of achieving the perfect mix between his soul and pop influences. His French admirers are eagerly awaiting for this new album, and he has announced its preparation many times on French national TV channels, where he's been regularly invited since the release of his first album. Prepare yourself for the next part of Yoann's journey... The Best is yet to come! 

" SAURAS-TU M'AIMER ? " (Clip)
Official Soundtrack of "Beauty and the Beast" (French adaptation by Christophe Gans)
(biggest French movie budget of 2014)


Listen to YF 1st album (2014) :

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